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„Im Herzen Griechen und im Geiste Christen zu sein, das oder das Garnichts ist unsere Lage“ : zum 100. Geburtstag Erhart Kästners

von Julia Freifrau Hiller von Gaertringen

Druckfassung in: Thetis : Mannheimer Beiträge zur Archäologie und Geschichte Griechenlands und Zyperns. - Bd. 11-12.2005 (2006), S. 177-192.

Erhart Kästner’s stylistically polished and artistically composed prose works convinced the literary criticism in the fifties and sixties of the 20th century and reached a numerous and devoted readership. Till today they haven’t lost the conciseness, imagery and plasticity of their poetic diction and have had a lasting influence regarding their intellectual substance. Primarily Kästner is known through his books about Greece: "Kreta", "Griechische Inseln", "Ölberge, Weinberge", "Die Stundentrommel vom heiligen Berg Athos" and, additionally, "Die Lerchenschule" and "Aufstand der Dinge“. Greece is the central topic of his literary work. This contribution reports on Kästners stay in Greece during the occupation period 1941-1944 and on later journeys. It describes, how his conventional romantic concept of Greece changed into an individual literary interpretation of the Greek world in the field of tension between Antiquity and Christianity during the post-war era.

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